IEA Team



Congratulations to our York Equestrian IEA riding teams on an OUTSTANDING achievement at Regional Finals held on March 4, 2017.   Thank you to coaches; Kate McDaniel and Stephanie Plaisted for their continued training expertise & dedication for our successful IEA riding teams.

Upper Level Team:

Margaret Brewer

Shavonne Farrell

Casey Flanigan

Lillian Frick

Margaret Mader

Alicia Reynolds

A BIG Congratulations and a round of applause for handling that nasty bitter cold day and becoming Regional Champions and moving on to Zone Finals!!


Middle School Team:

                Isla Barmby

Isabel Kesselhault

Leila Haven Low

Nevaeh Parente

Sara Plaisted

Posie Price

Eleanor Winter


A BIG Congratulations and another round of applause for also handling the nasty bitter cold day and becoming Regional 3rd place winners and also moving on to Zone Finals!


A special congratulations to Posie Price winner of the Horsemanship test and Margaret Brewer coming in 2nd place.

On behalf of everyone at Greystone Stables: wishing all of our riders the best of luck at Zone Finals being held on April 1st & 2nd.






Coaches: Kate T. McDaniel and Stephanie Plaisted

Greystone Stables is the home of the York Equestrian Team and is a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Team and is open to riders in grades 6th through 12th from any public or private school or home schooled riders. The Middle School Team is made up of riders in grades 6-8 and the Upper School Team is made up of riders in grades 9-12. At the beginning of the school year, each team starts with a goal of accumulating enough team points to make their regional playoff. Winning teams at Regions then move on to the Zone Finals. Teams take turns hosting horse shows throughout the season. The show season starts September 1 and ends in April at the National Finals.

IEA was formed and organized to promote and improve the quality of equestrian competition and instruction available to middle and secondary school students. The mission of IEA is to introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports, to provide information concerning the creation and development of school associated equestrian programs, to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized student competitions, to provide students with organized competitive events and to provide additional equine educational opportunities. Currently, there are few opportunities for these students to earn scholarship money, through the IEA, students may have the opportunity to earn scholarships towards their college education.

IEA provides an opportunity for riders who do not own their own horses to horse show economically. IEA also provides a team component to riding in an otherwise individualized sport. IEA also “levels the play field” to some extent because the horses the riders horse show are randomly chosen for them. All members are expected to be in a lesson program at Greystone Stables.

The IEA rules are available on the IEA website at The rules will be reviewed and learned during practices and team meetings.

Team Practices

All team members are expected to participate in one weekly lesson & the monthly team practice.

Hosting and Co-hosting Shows:

Each year the team is expected to host or co-host at least one horse show. All team members are expected to participate in the shows. Preparing for the show is a lot of work but is also a lot of fun! On show day team members are expected to help by getting horses ready and holding horses. The shows require a great deal of team work from the riders as well as the parents and your participation is greatly appreciated!